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Kesmine Hickman is an award-winning teen author who lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona, with her parents, brother, and five dogs. Authoring exciting stories has always been her passion. While traveling to Disneyland one year, Kesmine handwrote the beginning chapters of her first book, a mystery called Kathy Carts. When Kesmine was ten, the book—starring an eighteen-year-old female detective—was published. Enthusiastically, she continued exercising her literary talent, and at the age of twelve, she published Luna: Puppy Detective #1: Catnapped! This book features a dog protagonist based off of Kesmine’s very own Shih Tzu, Luna. In 2013, Kesmine released the second installment in the Luna: Puppy Detective series, called Luna: Puppy Detective #2: No-Slack Jack. Additionally, she has teamed up with her brother, Wilson, who is a talented writer in his own right. Together, they continue to create books and scripts they hope to share with the public someday.

Writing is not the only pastime Kesmine enjoys. She frequently practices a variety of crafts like knitting, crocheting, and beading jewelry. She also loves to draw and illustrates her Luna: Puppy Detective series, as well as her brother’s The Adventures of Detective Luke books. Some of her other hobbies include horseback riding and practicing martial arts as well as making YouTube videos. Lastly, she plans to channel her artistic talents into the field of animation one day.

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