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Meet the Muses

Luna Bella

This is Luna Bella turning her nose up at the camera. She is a mellow yet snobby Shih Tzu and also the inspiration for the main character in my new book series, Luna: Puppy Detective. This series is told from Luna’s perspective, and I enjoyed overemphasizing her snooty attitude throughout her fictitious adventures.

Leia Jewel

This is Leia Jewel wearing her most innocent expression. She plays the part of Luna’s sidekick in the Luna: Puppy Detective series. Leia is as loveable, childlike, and happy-go-lucky in real life as I describe her in my books. For the sake of humor, I enjoy underlining her clueless nature in my stories.

Luna and Leia

Here are Luna and Leia together, wondering why they keep getting their picture taken. Luna (left) shares a very close bond with her daughter, Leia, in real life. However, in the Luna: Puppy Detective series, Luna’s snootiness clashes with Leia's ridiculous cluelessness to make for a very interesting relationship.

Luke, Luna, Leia, and Leo

These are all four of my Shih Tzu dogs (from left to right): Luke, Luna, Leia, and Leo. While I decided to create a mystery series revolving around the girls (Luna and Leia), my brother, Wilson Hickman, writes a mystery series centered around the boys (Luke and Leo). If you like my books, you will definitely enjoy Wilson's! His website is, where you can learn more about him and purchase his works.

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