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Luna: Puppy Detective #2: No-Slack Jack!


Once upon a time, there was a little black-and-white Shih Tzu detective named Luna Bella…
who never thought she would ever end up in an animal shelter. But when an escapade to slice and dice Pip the Siamese cat goes awry, Luna finds herself trapped in the Sierra Sunrise Animal Care Center with her two sidekicks, Leia Jewel and Creeper the cat. Worse, a slippery and dangerous apparition, known to the shelter occupants only as the "Ghost of No-Slack Jack," is terrorizing the animals of Sierra Sunrise each night. Desperate to solve the case and return home, Luna must sort through the clues before the eerie ghoul can get the best of the clever detective and her pals. Can Luna rise to the challenges of the case? Or will Sierra Sunrise continue to be haunted by the supernatural phantom?

"Ghost?" I asked inquisitively, my queenly ears immediately going on the alert. "What ghost?"

Sighing, Darling plopped down onto her spotted behind and explained, "Well, see, there used to be this dog in the shelter. He was an old street fighter known only as No-Slack Jack. He was rumored to have escaped the shelter, but died soon afterward. Now his ghost haunts this place at night."

My eyes widened with interest. Leia crouched down on the ground, quivering. "A g-ghost?"she stammered. A wet puddle formed on the newspaper beneath her. I rolled my eyes.

"Leia, ghosts aren't real," I told her seriously.

"Oh, the ghost is real, all right."

I jerked my head toward the new voice.
Filled with suspense, action, and drama, Luna: Puppy Detective #2: No-Slack Jack features a snooty Shih Tzu sleuth and her hilarious ragtag team of sidekicks that will entertain kids and adults alike. Told from Luna's prissy perspective, Kesmine Hickman's latest creation is a clever and charming escapade that will keep its audience engaged and wanting more. She effortlessly brings to life one of the most original-and snobby-characters any reader has ever seen as her carefully woven mystery is expertly unraveled.

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Luna: Puppy Detective #1: Catnapped!



Once upon a time, there was a little black-and-white Shih Tzu detective named Luna Bella...who never thought she could ever like a cat. But when a gray kitten with an irresistible personality named Creeper shows up, Luna can't help but take him under her paw. Then Luna and her clueless daughter/sidekick, Leia, take a journey to visit Luna's sister at a cabin in the woods. There, Creeper mysteriously disappears. Can Luna successfully connect the clues to bring the case to a triumphant close? Or will Creeper, the one cat that Luna admits to love, be lost forever?

More fun than a day at the beach, Kesmine's newest series is full of laughs, tomfoolery, and plenty of suspense for the whole family. Wildly imaginative with some seriously top-notch sleuthing, Luna: Puppy Detective #1: Catnapped! takes awesomeness to a whole new level!

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Also Available at Hastings in Sierra Vista!
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